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Common Snowboarding Injuries

Winter is fast approaching and snowboarding is one of the fastest growing winter sports in the United States. Approximately 20% or 3.4 million visitors at ski resorts are snowboarders. Snowboarding involves riding an epoxy-fiberglass board with both feet affixed to the board. Balance is the key to mastering this sport. Beginning snowboarders are predisposed to Read more about Common Snowboarding Injuries[…]

Healthy Fitness – Preventing Overuse Injuries

Many Americans are inactive or exercise at an intensity too low to derive cardiovascular benefit. As a result obesity, heart disease and diabetes rates continue to rise. The surgeon general’s report on physical activity and health, encourages physicians to prescribe exercise for patients. To ensure success in the exercise regimen, it is important to avoid Read more about Healthy Fitness – Preventing Overuse Injuries[…]

Is Your Handbag Causing You All That Pain?

A new fashion trend is emerging, one that can cause more pain than you may realize. It is those trendy, oversized bags (purses for women, and handbags for men) that wreak havoc on the human body. There is nothing wrong with being trendy. The trouble starts when you start loading up these bags with your Read more about Is Your Handbag Causing You All That Pain?[…]

The Difference Between Soreness and Pain

The intensity at which you exercise will determine what you get out of it. Do you want to lose body fat? If so, you need to exercise at a different intensity compared to someone who trains to build muscle/tone up. Unlike bones and joints, muscles have a greater blood supply. Muscles can regenerate and respond Read more about The Difference Between Soreness and Pain[…]